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Clinical Services

McLean Hospital provides an array of clinical services designed to meet the needs of each of our patients at every stage of treatment. Services are offered at a number of locations, including at the hospital's main campus in Belmont.

Levels of Care

The hospital offers a full continuum of care including  acute and longer-term residential, partial hospital, inpatient and outpatient services. In addition, we operate three specialized therapeutic schools. Services at McLean are designed to encourage the least restrictive level of care that is clinically appropriate. 

Residential level of care is used when a person is medically stable, needs intensive treatment and round-the-clock staffing, but is not at immediate risk of harm to self or others.

McLean Hospital has an array of specialized residential programs.

Adult Residential Programs
Child and Adolescent Residential Programs

Partial hospital programs are an intensive, therapeutic level of care for patients who do not require full hospitalization yet who need more structure than is available in outpatient treatment. Programs combine personalized treatment with the opportunity for patients to utilize new skills through independent living.

McLean Hospital provides a variety of partial hospital programs.

Adult Partial Hospital Programs
Adolescent Partial Hospital Programs

Inpatient level of care is used for crisis stabilization when there is risk of harm to self or others. With the highest quality medical and psychiatric resources, McLean's inpatient care provides 24 hour nursing supervision and care in a secure setting. 

Acute inpatient treatment is provided in the following clinical programs.

Adult Inpatient Programs
Child and Adolescent Inpatient Programs
Geriatric Inpatient Programs


McLean Hospital’s outpatient services provide patient care without hospitalization and are the least intensive type of treatment. Patients live independently but attend appointments for psychotherapy and medications, and may participate in some psychotherapy groups.

McLean offers a variety of outpatient programs and services.

Adult Outpatient Programs
Child and Adolescent Outpatient Programs
Geriatric Outpatient Programs

McLean Hospital has two   specialized therapeutic schools, all of which are designed to emphasize each young person’s strengths and promote learning. State-of-the-art diagnosis is integrated with thorough psychosocial assessment so that treatment is tailored to each child’s needs and focuses on the enduring skills the child can develop. 

  • Arlington School is a nationally recognized private high school serving adolescents with social and emotional challenges.
  • Pathways Academy is a private day school that meets the social and academic needs of children and teens with autism spectrum and related disorders.

McLean also offers programs within the local community.

  • Waverley Place is a community-based rehabilitation program which offers coordinated care and support for adults with chronic psychiatric illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
  • McLean LEADER specializes in mental health and addiction services designed specifically for men and women in uniform.

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