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College Mental Health Program

Information for parents seeking help for college students. Learn more about McLean programs, as well as survival strategies to help parents who are supporting students in crisis.

Our Work with Parents

When students have mental health crises, parents often feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to help. Frequently, parents need help addressing their adult child’s mental health and educational needs simultaneously.  The College Mental Health Program is dedicated to providing support to parents during these challenging times. 

Seeking immediate help regarding acute care services for college students at McLean Hospital?

The College Mental Health Program is not a stand-alone unit; we work in collaboration with treatment programs across the McLean system. For inpatient care, call McLean Intake/Triage at 617.855.3141, or review our treatment grid with your mental health care provider and contact the relevant intake coordinator when you identify the appropriate program. For more information about adult residential treatment options contact Pamela Thompson, Residential Referral Coordinator, at 617.855.3934.

For resource materials for parents and college students, including descriptions of CMHP and McLean Hospital treatment options, and guides for treatment expectations, please click here.


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