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Transference Focused Psychotherapy: Foundational Training -  Narcissistic Personality Disorder

April 27-29, 2017
Conference Center at Waltham Woods

About the Conference

This three-day course offers training in an empirically validated treatment approach transference focused psychotherapy (TFP). transference focused psychotherapy (TFP) is a state of the art, evidence-based treatment for patients with personality disorders (PD). While derived from psychoanalytic tradition, TFP has important modifications making it of use to general clinicians today working with patients with significant personality disorder pathology.

TFP offers clinicians an overarching approach to patients with PD symptoms including, but not limited, to patients with borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. The goals of this workshop include an introduction to TFP as an individual psychotherapy for patients with personality disorder symptoms and an introduction to TFP principles of use to clinicians in a variety of treatment settings who may not be offering an extended individual psychotherapy, but nevertheless want assistance in the challenges of treating patients with moderate to severe personality disorder symptoms. TFP Part 1, in October of 2016, focused on setting a foundation of TFP knowledge and its use for treating borderline personality disorder. This course, Transference Focused Psychotherapy Foundational Training Part 2: Narcissistic Personality Disorder, will focus on narcissistic personality disorder.

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Offered by the McLean Hospital Borderline Personality Disorder Training Institute