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Advances in Mental Health

Welcome to Advances in Mental Health, a blog developed by McLean Hospital featuring commentary on mental health topics in the news, opinions by hospital thought-leaders and discussion about local, regional and national mental health policy. Advances in Mental Health provides our community with an opportunity to educate, while working toward reducing and ultimately eliminating the stigma of mental illness.

Pictured: Marisa M. Silveri, PhD, director, Neurodevelopmental Laboratory on Addictions and Mental Health

Too Many Self-Inflicted Deaths

Hilary Smith Connery, MD, PhD, asks us to commit to helping prevent unnecessary deaths by improving the social environment that is critical to creating successful recovery opportunities for those suffering from mental health and substance use disorders.

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Hilary Smith Connery, MD, PhD
Hilary Smith Connery, MD, PhD


“We can make a difference if each of us commits to taking on one opportunity for improvement, ones that are embedded in our homes, our schools, our worksites, and our communities.”

~Dr. Hilary Smith Connery

Advances in Mental Health

Brent P. Forester, MD, MSc

Depression Screening for All Adults Deserves a Thumbs Up

This week, the US Preventive Services Task Force recommended that primary care physicians screen all adult patients, including pregnant women and new moms, for depression, and that’s good news for improving quality of care and quality...

Blaise Aguirre, MD

Borderline Personality Disorder: Fact vs Fiction

So you think you know about borderline personality disorder?

Think again.

Many of us have seen Fatal Attraction where the lead female character is described as having borderline personality disorder (BPD), but the diagnosis is not...

Stephanie Pinder-Amaker, PhD

College Mental Health: A Checklist for Parents

With the first weeks of college well underway for many of the approximately four million students who enrolled in college for the first time this year, the transition to university life can be overwhelming. Coupled with the known fact that many...