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Advances in Mental Health

Welcome to Advances in Mental Health, a blog developed by McLean Hospital featuring commentary on mental health topics in the news, opinions by hospital thought-leaders and discussion about local, regional and national mental health policy. Advances in Mental Health provides our community with an opportunity to educate, while working toward reducing and ultimately eliminating the stigma of mental illness.

Pictured: Marisa M. Silveri, PhD, director, Neurodevelopmental Laboratory on Addictions and Mental Health

Carrie Fisher’s Most Important Role: Confronting Stigma and Reducing Shame

Catherine Ulrich Milliken, LICSW, shares important details about bipolar disorder and co-occurring problems with drugs and alcohol, highlighting Carrie Fisher’s efforts to confront mental health stigma.

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Carrie Fisher

“Carrie Fisher encouraged those who struggled with bipolar disorder and substance use issues to join in community and find comfort in shared feelings and experiences.”

– Catherine Ulrich Milliken, LICSW

Advances in Mental Health

Philip Levendusky, PhD

Using the Right Strategies, New Year’s Goals Are Attainable

This New Year's Eve, millions of Americans resolved to lose weight, give up smoking, save money, do volunteer work, or find a new job. Chances are, they made the same resolution last year and the year before. Research shows that nearly 90 percent...

Scott L. Rauch, MD

Together, We Are Changing Thoughts About Mental Illness

I am pleased to introduce you to Deconstructing Stigma: A Change in Thought Can Change a Life. This public awareness campaign was developed by McLean Hospital in an effort to spark conversation not only about behavioral and mental health...

Torsten Klengel, MD, PhD

PTSD: Can Genetics Affect Your Risk?

A majority of the US population is exposed to a psychological trauma during their life. For certain people, such as police officers, firefighters, or soldiers, the risk of experiencing trauma is even greater. However, only a fraction of those who...

Bruce M. Cohen, MD, PhD

Are We Looking at Psychiatric Disorders the Wrong Way?

The first psychiatric patient I evaluated—42 years ago—presented with delusions and mood swings. Based on those symptoms, our attending physician diagnosed her with schizoaffective disorder. We medical clerks were confused by that...