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Patient Billing and Financial Assistance Policy


McLean Hospital accepts Medicare, Massachusetts Medicaid (substance abuse services are limited to outpatient only), Blue Cross and many other private health insurance plans. The hospital also has working arrangements with many managed care companies. Most health insurance policies provide benefits for psychiatric services. However, access to these benefits is often restricted or limited, particularly for certain types of comprehensive care. In general, short-term inpatient, partial hospital, and outpatient services are covered by insurance, while benefits for residential and longer term care may be limited. Most insurance companies also require pre-certification for inpatient and partial hospital services.

McLean's policy is that the individual accepting financial responsibility for a patient's treatment is responsible for payment, and is expected to keep the account current for self-pay balances.

Patient Billing and Financial Assistance Policy (Please click on link for policy.)

We will work with patients and families concerning insurance coverage for treatment at McLean. If you have any questions about the extent of coverage, we strongly recommend that you contact your insurance carrier to determine potential benefits available for treatment. The following information may be useful in answering questions from insurance companies.

McLean Hospital is:

  • A private, not-for-profit psychiatric hospital affiliated with Partners Healthcare
  • Licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Department of Mental Health
  • Fully accredited by the The Joint Commission
  • Operated with internal medicine services but without surgical services, but has transfer agreements with the Massachusetts General Hospital and other nearby general hospitals

It may be useful to inquire how insurance benefits cover room and care rates and physician or other professional fees, and the amount of any self-pay balances.

In some instances, particularly with managed care organizations, we may be able to assist you concerning our contracts with insurance companies. For more information, please call our Patient Financial Services representatives at 617.855.3316. Please provide us with any information concerning benefits that you have been able to obtain from your insurance carrier – and a telephone number so that we are able to obtain verification of benefits. Please have your insurance card available when calling for information and always bring it to the hospital.

We will work with patients and families prior to admission and throughout the course of treatment to determine the most cost effective treatment that meets clinical needs.

Rate reductions are available for some services for self-pay balances and treatment provided on a private pay basis. In general, rate reductions may be available for inpatient, partial hospital and outpatient treatment, but not for most of our residential care programs. Rate reductions vary depending on financial need and available resources.

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