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Division of Women’s Mental Health

Gunderson Outpatient Program

The Gunderson Outpatient Program, located on the Belmont, Massachusetts campus of McLean Hospital, offers individualized care for people with borderline personality disorder and other complex personality disorders in an outpatient setting.

Our program is for men and women ages 18 and older who are seeking intensive outpatient treatment for core issues related to borderline personality disorder, such as emotion dysregulation, self-harm, suicidality, and relationship difficulties.

We are a highly specialized treatment program with an emphasis on skill building and re-establishing occupational, academic and social opportunities in the community. We utilize evidence-based treatments including dialectical behavior therapy, mentalization-based treatment and psychodynamic therapy in order to provide the structure needed for change.

Call 617.855.3452 for more information.

“This program helped me learn how to accept, understand, and express my emotions. The emphasis on community and group work allowed me to benefit from the wisdom and support of other patients while building friendships that I know will continue beyond treatment. The Gunderson Outpatient Program saved my life.”
~Gunderson Outpatient Program patient