Gunderson Residence

Helping women with personality disorders build rewarding lives

The Gunderson Residence is a treatment setting for women with severe personality disorders, including borderline personality disorder including those who experience co-occurring psychiatric conditions such as substance use, eating disorders, depression, or anxiety.

Because borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a complex mental illness marked by unstable moods, behaviors, and relationships, individuals with complex personality disorders often require a contained residential setting that offers highly specialized therapeutic approaches in order to reach their treatment goals. Our residents benefit from an intensive program that integrates evidence-based therapy models in an environment that is conducive to focusing on improving interpersonal and relationships skills and refraining from self-destructive behaviors.

For more information or to make a referral, please call 888.657.5699.

With an average stay of four months, our self-pay program offers treatment for women ages 21 and over. We specialize in care for individuals who have previously been through several treatment programs and as well as those who are seeking treatment for the first time. Women come to the Gunderson Residence from across the country and all over the world.

As part of McLean’s Division of Women’s Mental Health, the program utilizes treatment and therapy models informed by cutting-edge research. We provide tools and guidance to foster the self-reliance needed to build a balanced and more meaningful life. Tailored treatment approaches provide residents with the structure needed for change. Because of our high level of focus on personality disorders, our expert clinicians and support staff can provide a thoughtful integration of concepts and techniques to aid in recovery.

Family members and friends often play a major role in a resident’s long-term success. Since BPD and other personality disorders affect not only the individual but also the entire family, we offer a wide range of resources targeted at understanding and supporting a loved one in treatment.

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in close proximity to McLean’s main campus in Belmont, the residence is designed for community living in newly constructed townhouses less than two miles from Harvard Square and four miles from downtown Boston. Our open-door residential setting offers each resident a private bedroom in a comfortable and safe home-like environment. Residents have the opportunity to cook their own food or have their meals catered. Laundry facilities are onsite for convenience. Each resident also has a fitness membership to a premier sports club. Public transportation to sites in and around Cambridge and Boston is just steps from our front door. During off hours, residents can visit Harvard Square’s bookstores, coffee shops, restaurants, museums, boutiques, and more.

“The Gunderson Residence helped me reach my goals in a realistic way. They held my feet to the fire of changing, especially when I lacked confidence to take the steps that were necessary and manageable. I have been able to build a life of my own because of it.” - Former Gunderson resident