McLean Borden Cottage FAQ

What is the McLean Borden Cottage phone number and where is the program located?

The McLean Borden Cottage phone number is 800.906.9531. The program is located in Camden, Maine.

How old do I have to be to attend McLean Borden Cottage?

McLean Borden Cottage serves adults ages 18 and older.

Does McLean Borden Cottage accept people in crisis?

Those with acute psychiatric situations (i.e., harmful to self or others, in need of detoxification) are best served in a hospital setting before attending this residential program.

Will my family be involved in my treatment?

Involvement of family and friends in supporting those in drug and alcohol rehabilitation is critical to the success of any recovery plan. With permission, our staff will communicate regularly with family and friends throughout your stay

Can I have visitors?

Family and friends are welcomed for scheduled visits to provide support and allow clients to practice new social behaviors and skills. Family and significant others are encouraged to attend scheduled family sessions with their loved one and their primary therapist, either on-site or through telephone or videoconferencing.

Will you help me develop a plan for continued treatment after I leave?

The treatment team works closely with each individual in treatment, as well as with family, significant friends and outside providers, to develop an appropriate aftercare plan based on clinical needs, progress made during treatment and individual circumstances and goals.

What type of aftercare treatment is typically recommended?

Aftercare plans are developed specifically for each person based on their clinical needs and goals. This can include continued intensive treatment for addiction in a less restrictive setting, case-managed outpatient work, specialized psychiatric treatment or psychopharmacology and medical/neurological follow up.

Is there a patient and family resource guide for substance abuse treatment?

Yes. To view the patient and family resource guide, please click here.

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