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Psychotic Disorders Division

McLean OnTrack™

We understand that experiencing symptoms of a psychotic disorder for the first time can be difficult and confusing for individuals and their families. At McLean OnTrackTM, we are here to help.

As a transdiagnostic program for early intervention in first episode psychosis, we specialize in the early recognition and treatment of psychotic disorders, providing care for individuals 18 to 30 who have experienced a first episode of psychosis within the past 12 months. We work with individuals with early psychosis regardless of specific diagnosis, whether symptoms of psychosis are due to schizophrenia or accompanied by mood symptoms as can occur in bipolar disorder with psychotic features. McLean OnTrackTM is one of the few first episode clinics in the United States to treat individuals experiencing a first episode of psychosis due to bipolar disorder.

We take an integrated team-based approach to treatment. Our team works to build trusting and collaborative relationships with patients and family members in a caring and supportive environment in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our goal is to will work with each patient to prevent further psychotic episodes, restore a person’s functioning, and help individuals and families regain their sense of control. In addition, we help reduce the stigma that is often associated with mental illness.

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“OnTrack helps me feel like I’m not alone. The staff were warm and supportive during a difficult time for me and my family.”
~McLean OnTrackTM patient