McLean Pavilion

For individuals seeking discreet psychiatric evaluation and treatment


McLean Pavilion FAQ

What is the phone number to make a referral and where is McLean Pavilion located?

The phone number for The Pavilion is 617.855.2874. The program is located on the Belmont campus, in the Wyman building. For more information on directions, parking, and local accommodations, please visit our Maps & Directions page.

How long will I be at The Pavilion?

The minimum stay at The Pavilion is 14 days.

Will my stay at The Pavilion be kept anonymous?

McLean Pavilion ensures confidentiality through its highly trained, professional and discreet staff. No third party has access to medical records without explicit prior consent.

How can The Pavilion help me?

McLean Pavilion offers what no one else does: truly customized care. Treatment plans are individualized, flexible and realistically focused. Physician and patient retain total control over treatment and, because the program is self-funded, there are no delays due to third-party pre-certification or restrictions on physician choice.

How old do I have to be to attend McLean Pavilion?

McLean Pavilion serves adults over the age of 18.

What does it mean to integrate psychiatric care with a neurological and medical diagnostic work-up?

By integrating psychiatric care with a full neurological and medical diagnostic work-up, clinicians can explore the biological and emotional components of these complicated disorders.

Will you work with my current mental health care provider?

The Pavilion at McLean Hospital is built around the premise that by working as a team, the patient, family, staff and referring clinicians can assure the best chance for a successful outcome. Treatment plans are developed and care coordinated with a person's current treatment providers. The Pavilion team prides itself on timely communication and collegial interaction with referring clinicians.

Can I have visitors?

The Pavilion is an unlocked residential program that welcomes loving family and friends. We would ask that your visit not conflict with evaluation appointments.

Please see our visitor accommodations list in order to find convenient overnight lodging for friends and family.

What is the discharge and aftercare plan?

Once The Pavilion program is completed, continued treatment and a longer length of stay are options, as is access to an array of individualized and comprehensive after-care services, including outpatient and residential treatment in comfortable home-like settings such as McLean Lincoln, a structured transitional therapeutic program for adults. A senior clinician assists each person in developing an appropriate aftercare program to continue progress towards health and well-being.

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