The Pavilion

For individuals seeking discreet psychiatric evaluation and treatment

The Pavilion is the premier destination for adults requiring comprehensive psychiatric consultation, assessment, and treatment. With the goal of clarifying diagnosis and offering effective treatment recommendations, we opened our doors in 1999 as the first residential treatment center in the country to offer an intensive two-week program designed to provide unparalleled diagnostic evaluation with an emphasis on evidenced-based care, discretion, flexibility, and confidentiality.

People come to The Pavilion from across the country and all over the world for our individualized, in-depth, and multidisciplinary approach to finding the right diagnosis and appropriate plan for treatment. The Pavilion’s services are ideal for individuals who have a history of persistent treatment-resistant psychiatric conditions or have not been able to receive an accurate diagnosis of their illness. We accept adults over the age of 18, however, we may make exceptions for some individuals who are younger.

For more information or to make a referral, please contact 617.855.2874.

Individuals who come to The Pavilion may be struggling with a broad range of psychiatric disorders including difficulties with symptoms of mood instability (depression, anxiety, or both), psychotic symptoms, cognitive impairment, personality disorders, self-destructive or self-injurious behavior, and co-occurring disorders especially substance use. Our extensive and wide-ranging diagnostic approach allows our clinicians to tailor the most appropriate treatment plan for the resident for continued care either at McLean or with treatment providers closer to the resident’s home. We help hundreds of people each year gain a thorough understanding of their illness and implement effective strategies for treatment.

As part of McLean’s Division of Depression and Anxiety Disorders, we draw on diagnostic and treatment resources from multiple disciplines throughout our division and the hospital, as well as from our Partners HealthCare affiliates Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. This wide array of expertise allows us to identify not only psychiatric disorders but also co-occurring medical problems, which can often complicate achieving a clear diagnosis and designing effective treatment plans.

Our multidisciplinary treatment approach begins with a thorough psychiatric, psychological, psychosocial, neurologic, and medical evaluation to determine what additional consultations will be needed. The range of treatments and recommendations that we employ for each resident is dependent upon what is discovered during these initial meetings. The program offers various treatment options including individual therapy—both psychodynamic and behavioral—medications, family therapy, group therapy, ECT, and TMS. Evidence-based therapies are skills-based including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mentalization-based therapy (MBT). Family involvement is highly encouraged.

Special attention is given to stress management, fitness, and nutrition. This includes meditation and yoga, access to our on-campus fitness center or nearby sports club, and meetings with a nutritionist to learn how to make healthy diet modifications to improve mental and physical health.

Our dedicated treatment team is comprised of senior-level clinicians, with each resident’s administrative psychiatrist overseeing treatment and managing medications. Other team members include attending psychiatrists (providing daily psychotherapy), psychologists with expertise in behavioral and psychologically-based therapies, and senior clinical social workers who provide case management, family therapy, and coordination of the aftercare plan.

The Pavilion offers a private, peaceful setting in which residents can focus on their treatment and overall health and well-being. Our home-like residences, located in the Wyman and Waverley Oaks Buildings, include spacious private bedrooms and baths, specially prepared meals, and other quality amenities to help make the stay as comfortable as possible. Residents also benefit from 24-hour staff support and easy access to all of McLean’s programs and services.

“The Pavilion provided privacy, a lovely, caring environment, and top-notch clinicians. It was there that I found the help and comfort I needed. They got me back on track—and even though it's a different track than I was on before, I am heading toward a much better place.” - Former patient