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McLean researchers

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Clinical and Health Services Research Program

We focus on a wide range of questions regarding development, implementation, quality, and financing of treatment services for substance use disorders in the US and globally with specific focus in three areas:

  • Gender differences in substance use disorders
  • Development of effective treatments for substance use disorders, including special populations, such as women and people with co-occurring other psychiatric disorders
  • Effective implementation of treatment services for substance use disorders, and public health efforts aimed at prevention and early detection

We developed and tested the implementation of an effective group therapy for women with substance use disorders, the Women’s Recovery Group. Through collaborations with other researchers, we have investigated implementation of screening, brief counseling, and pharmacotherapy for individuals with alcohol problems and tuberculosis in Russia; services for women with substance use and co-occurring psychiatric disorders; substance abuse and HIV risk behaviors; and financing and quality care for children and adults with substance use disorders.

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