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McLean researchers

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Clinical Research Program

Clinical research has been an important component of McLean’s Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (DADA) for more than thirty years. Our researchers develop and test new treatments for specific groups of patients who have substance use disorders. Our research projects include new treatments for cannabis dependence and for substance use disorders with co-occurring anxiety.

Roger D. Weiss, MD, and colleagues have developed an evidence-based group treatment for patients with co-occurring substance use disorders and bipolar disorder. Integrated group therapy (IGT) was named one of only five “examples of promising behavioral therapies for adult patients with co-occurring conditions” in a National Institute on Drug Abuse research report.

DADA researchers have played a leading role in the National Institute on Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network, a partnership between addiction research centers and community drug abuse treatment programs. Dr. Weiss recently led a multi-site study of the treatment for prescription opioid dependence. The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Clinical Research Program, founded in 1991, incorporates findings from these studies and delivers cutting edge, evidence-based treatments.


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