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Bill Carlezon: Behavioral Genetics Laboratory

The Behavioral Genetics Laboratory is a group of neuroscientists who are primarily interested in the biological basis of psychiatric illness and its treatment. Our research focuses on nature/nurture issues as they relate to the brain. We study the basic processes by which the brain develops and is modified in response to experience, including exposure to stress, drugs, trauma, toxins, or illness.

Our work can potentially lead to a better understanding of several psychiatric and neurological conditions, including stress-related disorders, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, and autism.

Scientists who are trained in this lab develop expertise in the analysis of behavior in rats and mice, the use of genetic engineering to control or modify gene and protein expression, and molecular techniques to measure molecular adaptations. We are highly motivated to disseminate our work via publications and to participate in the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents.

The Behavioral Genetics Laboratory was founded in 1998 and incorporates the Medication Discovery and Development Laboratory.