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Franca Centorrino: Psychopharmacology Research Program

Our clinician-researchers study the impact of psychotropic medications on patients who have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, including newer treatment approaches and the management of their side effects.

These naturalistic studies arise from our clinical practice. We explore the population-wide, long-term, real world application of psychiatric medications, comparing treatment outcomes and cost effectiveness.

Our research has demonstrated that combining medications is common and can result in increased effectiveness and reduced side effects (though in some patients can lead to increased side effects). These findings help promote the individualized tailoring of medication to improve patient care and outcomes.

In addition, we study the adverse side-effects of antipsychotic medications in some patients, including monitoring for metabolic syndrome characterized by weight gain and cardiovascular complications. We have shown that our wellness program for people taking psychotropic medications can often lead to healthier behaviors and life-style changes. The Psychopharmacology Research Program was founded in 1992.