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McLean researchers

Garrett M. Fitzmaurice: Psychiatric Biostatistics Laboratory

Biostatistics is key to the rigorous research for which McLean Hospital is known. Founded in 2007, the Psychiatric Biostatistics Laboratory collaborates with investigators across McLean’s research programs from the early stages of developing grant proposals through to the publication of findings. Our expertise includes experimental study design, statistical methodologies, and the analysis and interpretation of results.

In addition, we pursue our own research interests in statistical methods. These include methods for analyzing longitudinal data (e.g., repeated measures of depression on individuals over time) and social network data, methods for causal mediation analysis (e.g., methods to better understand the mechanism of action through which a treatment affects some mental health outcome of interest), general missing data problems, and methods for detecting and adjusting for overdispersion (i.e., adjusting for the presence of greater variability in a data set than would be expected based on a chosen statistical model for the data). Our research in psychiatric epidemiology has concentrated on methodological problems surrounding the use of multiple informant data (e.g., parents’, teacher’s and child’s reports of a child’s own levels of anxiety) in mental health surveys.

Short-term biostatistical support is available to McLean investigators through our biostatistical consulting service.