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Geriatric Psychiatry Research Program

Understanding the relationship between brain function and behavioral symptoms in older adults is a key element in choosing the treatments that will improve their quality of life. Our clinician-scientists study the behavioral disturbances associated with dementia (now known as major neurocognitive disorder), which is one of the most important targets for research and new treatments. This is where psychiatry intersects with neurology and internal medicine.

Behavioral disturbances—for example, agitation, wandering, and resistance to personal care, depression, and refusing to eat—are the most challenging obstacle to continued care in the home setting. McLean is a leader in treatment approaches that address these behavioral complications.

In addition, we are exploring promising avenues to earlier diagnosis and expanded treatment options for older adults with neurocognitive disorders including dementia.

The Geriatric Psychiatry Research Program has been actively pursuing these goals for over a decade.

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