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Laboratory for Translational and Affective Neuroscience

Depression, anxiety, and related disorders affect one in five Americans over their lifetimes. Recent breakthroughs in genetics, neuroscience, and cognitive science are revolutionizing our understanding of these conditions. The ultimate goal of our research at McLean is prevention and more effective treatment.

Our scientists investigate:

  • The brain mechanisms involved in anhedonia, the loss of interest in activities that were previously rewarding or enjoyable (a core symptom of depression)
  • Functional, structural, and neurochemical brain abnormalities in depression
  • Neurobiological predictors of treatment response in depression
  • Neurobiological predictors of depression onset and relapse

The Laboratory for Translational and  Affective Neuroscience is part of the Center for Depression, Anxiety and Stress Research (CDASR), established at McLean Hospital in 2010. The goal of the CDASR is to identify the biological, environmental, and psychological factors that contribute to depression and anxiety and translate those findings into new treatments.  Please visit our website  for more information on our projects and programs.

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