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Nicholas T. Lange: Neurostatistics Laboratory

The Neurostatistics Laboratory, founded in 1999, is a resource available to the McLean research community and is open to potential collaborators nationwide. Our multidisciplinary team of biostatisticians and other scientists have made significant gains in the basic, translational, and clinical science of the developing human brain. We are a statistical data analysis service and provide support for autism spectrum disorder research, clinical trials design and analysis, statistical computing, and structural and functional human and non-human brain imaging and brain tissue microscopy.

The central role of the Neurostatistics Laboratory is to foster high-quality biostatistical thinking, methods, and clinical practice to further our understanding of the diagnosis, treatment, course and outcome in autism spectrum and other disorders, with the overarching goal to improve the lives of individuals with these disorders.

Our contributions to the field have been, and continue to be, in the theory and application of new longitudinal and clustered biostatistical methods to investigate typical and atypical brain development in psychotic disorders, spatial patterns of brain cell arrangements, and brain-behavior associations in autism spectrum disorder.