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Personality and Psychosocial Research Program

Our seminal studies on borderline personality disorder (BPD) helped transform the diagnosis into an empirically validated and internationally recognized condition with specific treatments and good outcomes. Our clinician-scientists study the origins, course, development, and treatment of BPD.

Interpersonal Hypersensitivity and Familial Vulnerability

Our research has shown that BPD has a latent unifying genetic structure. We hypothesize that this is an innate interpersonal hypersensitivity evident with their caretakers in early life.

Psychiatric Management for Borderline Personality Disorder

We developed and validated an approach to the Good Psychiatric Management (GPM) of BPD that empowers general clinicians to treat the condition effectively.

Collaborative Longitudinal Study of Personality Disorders (PDs)

This 20 year study has found that PDs show consistency over time, with rates of symptomatic improvement far greater than expected, but often with sustained problems in work and partnerships.

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