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Scott E. Lukas, Diego A. Pizzagalli: McLean Imaging Center

Brain imaging is revolutionizing medical and scientific research. At the McLean Imaging Center, founded in 1988, brain imaging tools and techniques are key to investigating the causes and development of drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness. These tools help us understand the structures affecting or causing these disorders and develop new treatments—the primary focus of our research.

In addition, we use brain imaging to better understand and treat neurodegenerative conditions (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease), neuropsychiatric disorders (e.g., traumatic brain injury), and neurodevelopmental conditions (e.g., autism).

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses magnetic fields to generate detailed images of the brain and body. These images show how a disease or injury affects each individual, allowing tailored treatment and facilitating scientific discovery.

The increasing power and potential of MRI is a breakthrough that is equivalent to the development of microscopes in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, which revolutionized the life sciences.