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Sleep Research Laboratory

Sleep has a powerful and complicated relationship with mental health. Our scientists study the causes and consequences of disrupted sleep, the interaction between sleep and drug use, and the effectiveness of varying treatments for sleep disorders.

The Causes and Consequences of Disordered Sleep

We study the neurocognitive and behavioral effects of sleep deprivation, and the efficacy and mechanisms of behavioral therapy and sedative hypnotics.

The Cycle of Drug Use, Sleep Disruption, Drug Abuse

A primary focus is the relationship between sleep and drug use. For example:

  • How the sleep disruption that accompanies drug use and withdrawal contributes to the risk of relapse
  • The potential for normalizing sleep to reduce drug cravings
  • Methadone use as a risk factor for sleep apnea

Sleep Study Lab and Home Monitoring

Our comfortable two-bed laboratory is on the ground floor of the McLean Imaging Center. In addition, we perform ‘at home’ sleep assessments.

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