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Thröstur Björgvinsson: Behavioral Health Partial Clinical Research Program

The BHP Clinical Research Program, which was founded in 2009, conducts research to improve our understanding and treatment of psychiatric disorders. The BHP exemplifies an integrative approach in which research informs clinical practice, and clinical practice informs research.

Our primary aims are to:

  • Predict who will respond best to treatment
  • Understand why our treatment works
  • Develop new and innovative interventions
  • Examine transdiagnostic mechanisms underlying psychopathology
  • Provide important insights regarding the structure of psychopathology

The BHP collects patient data via daily computerized self-report instruments and a one-time clinician-administered diagnostic interview. Together, these data are used to inform individualized case conceptualization and treatment planning. Patients may also consent for their clinical data to be de-identified and analyzed for research purposes and may participate in research studies involving computerized, fMRI, or EEG tasks.

The BHP provides research training and mentorship to many types of trainees, including clinical psychology post-doctoral fellows, pre-doctoral interns, practicum students, undergraduate student visitors, and BHP counselors. BHP trainees are involved in the entire research process and regularly present their work in poster presentations, symposia, and peer-reviewed manuscripts.