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McLean Hospital maintains the largest neuroscience and psychiatry research program of any private psychiatric hospital in the United States. Each day, we conduct state-of-the art scientific investigation to maximize discovery and accelerate translation of findings towards achieving prevention and cures for psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases.

Pictured: McLean's Christopher Cowan, PhD, left, and members of his laboratory team.


McLean Hospital's Research Administration Department provides infrastructural support to the hospital's 66 laboratories and 388 research scientists and staff.


Funding Sources

Research Programs

Since 1888 McLean has been dedicated to studying the role of biological factors in mental illness, and today the hospital has over three acres of floor space dedicated to this important research.

Research Programs

Clinical Research/Trials

A clinical study involves research using volunteers that is intended to add to medical knowledge. We invite you to participate in our innovative research studies and clinical trials.

Clinical Research/Trials


Research News

Watch Chris Cowan, PhD, and Laura Smith, PhD, discuss their paper recently published in Neuron.

“Some of the most significant discoveries in the field of psychiatry have been made at McLean and we look forward to continuing to discover, develop, and deliver innovative treatments for neurological and mental health disorders.”

~Joseph Coyle, MD, Chief Scientific Officer

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