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Access to Care


At McLean Hospital, our staff, faculty, volunteers, and supporters are dedicated to improving the lives of people and families affected by psychiatric illness. As the largest psychiatric affiliate of Harvard Medical School, McLean has been meeting the needs of individuals and families with psychiatric illness since our founding in 1811. McLean is dedicated to making our programs and services easily accessible while creating a welcoming, safe, and respectful environment for all.

We are here to help you.

What programs and services do you offer?

McLean Hospital offers services for a wide variety of psychiatric conditions and can help individuals of all ages with specialized programs for children and adolescents, adults, and older adults. As a specialty hospital treating only psychiatric conditions, we are experts in providing care for the following disorders:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Bipolar disorder / schizophrenia
  • Trauma
  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Autism spectrum disorders

A comprehensive view of our Clinical Services is available to see how McLean can help you.

How do I know if I need to go to a psychiatric hospital?

McLean is appropriate for individuals who:

  • Are having suicidal thoughts
  • Fear that they may be a danger to themselves or someone else
  • Abuse drugs and/or alcohol
  • Have depression or anxiety that prevents them from functioning at home, work, or school
  • Are hallucinating or experiencing extreme paranoia
  • Are having thoughts that are expansive and grandiose but are not their own
  • Have people telling them that they are scared and worried about their emotional state or their behavior

If you are in crisis, are suicidal, or are a danger to others, please call 9-1-1 or visit your nearest emergency room immediately.

May I just come to McLean?

For most psychiatric services, you need a referral from a psychiatrist, therapist, or crisis team before coming to McLean. If you are currently in crisis and cannot wait for your therapist or psychiatrist to facilitate an admission, please go to the closest hospital emergency room or call 9-1-1.

When you arrive at our Belmont or Middleborough campus, the first step is a diagnostic psychiatric evaluation to further assess your need for hospital care. If hospitalization is needed, we will identify which of our programs is best suited to meet your needs. More information can be found in the Guide to Arriving at McLean Hospital, a copy of which will be provided to you when you arrive at McLean.

For certain services, you may refer yourself and do not need a referral from a psychiatrist, therapist, or crisis team.

Please call Admissions at 800.333.0338 before coming to McLean to find out the necessary procedure based on your needs.

Interpreter Services

McLean Hospital works with a variety of patients, including those whose first language is not English or who are deaf or hard of hearing. Committed to providing patients with the highest quality of care, McLean provides qualified medical interpreters at no cost to work with patients, family members, and health care providers. Trained medical interpreters are available in person, by telephone, or via video remote feed to facilitate care between patient and caregiver, depending on the patient’s needs and the immediate availability of an interpreter. TTYs and assistive listening devices are also available for deaf and hard of hearing patients. For more information, please contact Interpreter Services at 617.855.2503.

View list of available language interpreters