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Jae K. Kim, PhD

Jae K. Kim, PhD

McLean Hospital Title:
Harvard Medical School Title:
  • Research Fellow in Psychiatry


Jae K. Kim, PhD, has over 10 years of experience using pre-clinical models of drug addiction to investigate neurological mechanisms underlying drug abuse. Based on his dissertation work, he won the College on Problems of Drug Dependence Stephen P. Holtzman Travel Award for Pre-Clinical Investigators. Dr. Kim is particularly interested in glutamate homeostasis and the interplay between neural and immune mechanisms of drug dependence and relapse.

As a NIDA T32 post-doctoral research fellow at McLean, Dr. Kim participates in research projects that employ two cutting-edge methodologies, neuroimaging and nanotechnology. His current research is focused on using nanoparticles to enhance CNS drug delivery and to produce receptor-selective, non-toxic, non-radioactive molecular nanoprobes that can be used to enhance MR imaging sensitivity. His translational research aims to enhance diagnosis and treatment for co-occurring psychiatric illnesses and drug addiction.




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Education & Training:

  • 2007 BS in Biology Temple University
  • 2016 PhD in Pharmacology, Lewis Katz School of Medicine of Temple University
  • 2012-2015 NIDA T32 Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Temple University
  • 2016-Present NIDA T32 Post-Doctoral Fellowship, McLean Hospital




Office Address:

Belmont campus - McLean Imaging Center, Room 110