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Employee benefits represent a significant portion of the employee’s total compensation and are important financial resources for an employee and their family. At McLean Hospital, we recognize this, and are pleased to offer a comprehensive benefits package that can be tailored to meet individual needs. Employees regularly scheduled to work 16 hours or more per week are eligible for the following benefits.

This is a brief explanation of benefits only. For detailed information regarding McLean Hospital benefits, please contact Human Resources.

Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance Plans

Partners Select from AllWays Health Partners (AHP) offers comprehensive coverage for providers in the Partners Preferred Network. This network includes Partners HealthCare primary care physicians (PCPs), specialists, and facilities, along with providers at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Emerson Hospital.

Partners Select offers a lower per-paycheck premium than the Partners Plus medical plan and low co-pays when receiving care within the Partners Preferred Network. Partners Select also provides coverage for care outside of the Partners Preferred Network from AllWays Health Partners providers, but at a higher out-of-pocket cost. Pediatric primary care office visits to AHP providers are covered at the Preferred level ($15 co-pay) for children 18 and under, regardless of whether the PCP is in the Partners Preferred Network; this discount does not apply to non-Partners pediatric specialists. Partners Select does not cover providers outside of the AHP Plan Network. Partners Plus from AllWays Health Partners offers comprehensive coverage for providers in the Partners Preferred and AHP Networks. Coverage is also available for non-AHP providers, at a substantially higher cost.

Per-paycheck costs are higher with Partners Plus than with Partners Select, but co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses for non-Partners AHP providers are lower. Unlike Partners Select, there is no pediatric PCP discount for non-Partners AHP providers.

Welcome to McLean
McLean offers a comprehensive benefits package that can be tailored to meet individual needs

Employees who live in zip codes outside of Greater Boston have special “Out of Area” versions of Partners Select and Partners Plus. Ask for details.

Prescription drugs are covered by CVS/Caremark, regardless of which medical plan you enroll in. An annual out-of-pocket maximum, based on salary and medical coverage level (individual/family) as of January 1, 2018, limits co-pays.

Delta Dental

We offer two plan choices, Basic or Major. Routine cleanings and diagnostics are covered at 100%. There is a maximum of $750 for Basic or $2,000 for Major coverage per person per year. The Major Plan also covers a portion of orthodontia.

Davis Vision

None of the medical plans cover comprehensive eye exams. Under the Davis Vision Plan, one eye exam is covered per calendar year at 100%, with a $10 in-network co-pay. Also covered: one pair of glasses or contact lenses each year (after you pay $25 to $45 for standard, soft, daily-wear, disposable, or plan replacement contact lenses).

Additional Benefits

Paid Time Off

Vacation – Basic annual paid vacation allowance is two to four weeks, depending on position. After six months of continuous service, one half of the vacation allowance is available for use. Vacation time increases with length of continuous service.

Holidays – Twelve days per year, including a Discretionary Day. Time and one-half is paid to hourly employees for hours worked on a holiday.

Time Off With Pay (TOWP) – Used for absences due to illness or other urgent reasons and accrues at the rate of eight days per year for regular, full-time staff, to a maximum of 376 hours (47 days). Accrual starts upon employment for use after the first 90 days of employment. TOWP is not payable upon termination of employment or a change to a non-benefits eligible position. See the policy for details.

Health Care Flexible Spending Account

Put aside up to $2,650 tax-free for uninsured health care expenses (co-payments, deductibles, etc.).

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

Put aside up to $5,000 tax-free for child and elder care (daycare, etc.) if you are single or married, filing jointly; defer up to $2,500 if you are married, filing separately.

Retirement Program

Cash Balance Retirement Plan – Eligible employees (not staff in training status, residents, interns, or fellows) over age 21 and with a year of service (1,000 hours) are automatically enrolled. Each year that an employee works 1,000 hours, McLean Hospital credits the employee’s plan account with an amount ranging from 3% to 9% of the base pay, depending on age and years of service. The account grows in value through interest guaranteed to be at least 5%. After 3 years of service, employees are vested in the plan, meaning they may take the value of their balance when they leave employment with the Hospital.

Tax-Sheltered Annuities (TSA) – Benefits-eligible employees are enrolled automatically at a 2% per pay-period contribution, unless they opt out. Employees may contribute more, up to annual limits, and change amounts at any time of year. Employees may choose traditional and/or Roth contributions. There is an automatic default to the appropriate Vanguard Target Date Fund based on age; employees may change to a wide range of investments available through Fidelity and TIAA. Once eligible, McLean will match 100% of employee contributions per pay-period, up to 2% of total pay. The employer match does not count toward annual limit. Employees are vested immediately in their own contributions and vested in employer match after 3 years.

Life Insurance

The Basic Term Policy, offered at no cost to employees, is equal to 1x annual salary (up to $500,000). Employees automatically receive this coverage. Employees can also choose Optional Group Life Insurance for themselves and/or their dependents and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance for themselves and a spouse. Employees pay for this additional coverage.

Short-Term Disability (STD)

Employees automatically receive income protection for qualifying medical absences equal to 60% of weekly base pay at no cost, up to a maximum of 13 weeks, inclusive of a 14-day waiting period during which accrued Time Off With Pay (TOWP) and/or vacation time can be used. There is an optional purchase of coverage equal to 75% of base salary. Employees pay for this additional coverage.

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

McLean subsidizes 80% of the LTD cost for employees, who are automatically enrolled in LTD coverage that replaces 60% of their salary (up to a maximum monthly benefit of $10,000). Employees may waive coverage during their first 30 days of benefits eligibility. Plan benefits begin after 90 days of disability.

There is no gap between STD and LTD coverage.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Partners EAP is a free and confidential work and life resource that provides short-term counseling, consultation, referral to resources, and seminars. The Partners EAP has helped thousands of employees put their problems in perspective and get the help they need to be happy and productive.

Child Care

Onsite daycare is available, providing care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers on a full- or part-time basis. Please contact the Child Care Center directly for availability and rates.

Tuition Assistance

Available after 6 months of continuous service and requires successful course completion. Reimbursement allowance for service from 6 months to 35 months is $1,000 per academic year (prorated for part-timers). For those employees with 36 months or more of continuous service, the allowance is $1,500 per academic year. (Tuition reimbursement is not available for joint appointees.)

529 College Savings Plans

Employees may participate in a tax-advantaged college savings program for their children’s education through payroll deduction.

Fitness and Recreation Center

Access to onsite fitness center during designated times (cost applies) and Employee Yoga (free).

Perks Program

Discount movie passes and other discounts are made available on a limited basis, depending upon the season.

For more information, contact the Human Resources Department at 617.855.3444.