Volunteer Services

McLean Hospital volunteers assist the hospital with its mission of outstanding patient care, research, and education, fulfilling a variety of needs throughout the hospital. The hospital benefits from the insight volunteers provide and the information about mental illness, treatment, and hospital goals that they take back to the community. Our volunteers come from across the United States and vary in age, background, personality, and skills. We are especially interested in individuals with musical talent and/or arts and crafts skills.

Volunteers provide assistance throughout the hospital including roles in McLean’s clinical and research programs, administrative departments, patient education programs, and at the Jonathan O. Cole Mental Health Consumer Resource Center. However, labor regulations do not allow a person to volunteer or otherwise perform services for free if the services are those for which we typically pay employees.

Volunteers work a specified schedule for a predetermined period of time under the direct supervision of hospital staff. Staff members are grateful for the assistance of volunteers and appreciate their energy, enthusiasm, and dedication.

For more information, please contact Volunteer Services at 617.855.2118.

Become a Volunteer

Potential volunteers complete an application form and are interviewed by the Volunteer Services coordinator and the supervisor of the area where the volunteer will be placed. The applicant’s interests, skills, motivation, and scheduling availability are thoroughly explored.

We match an applicant’s qualifications and interests with the needs of the areas to be served. The applicant is referred to the appropriate staff person for an interview and a final decision concerning acceptance.

While qualifications vary according to the position, these qualities are essential in all volunteer assignments: stability, dependability, ability to relate to people, and the ability to make a commitment to the required schedule. Volunteers must be 18 years of age, or have written parental consent, and, like all hospital employees and trainees, must complete a Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check prior to acceptance.

Training and Guidelines

All new volunteers are required to attend McLean Hospital New Employee Orientation which provides information on fire/safety, infection control, hospital mission and governance structure, quality improvement, compliance, patient confidentiality, incident reporting, media guidelines, hospital and human resources policies, guidelines for conduct with patients, and information on patient rights. All volunteers must also receive a TB test.

Important: Please be sure to bring a photo ID to the orientation session.

Volunteers also follow the volunteer guidelines and policies including:

  • Signing a confidentiality agreement and following all hospital, state, and federal privacy laws
  • Supporting the staff and the policies and procedures of McLean Hospital
  • Arriving promptly for the times they have agreed to volunteer and checking in with the site supervisor to receive pertinent information and instructions
  • Wearing appropriate attire
  • Knowing the McLean Hospital emergency procedures

Time Reporting and Evaluations

Keeping track of volunteer time is easy and convenient. Volunteers received a year-long timesheet which is returned to the Volunteer Services coordinator either at the time of termination or at the end of each year.

At the time of termination, supervisory staff completes an evaluation for each volunteer for inclusion with the individual’s record. This information is reviewed with the volunteer.

Volunteer Perks

McLean’s Human Resources Department is pleased to offer a full range of discounts and perks to volunteers, including:

  • Discounts to local gyms and fitness centers
  • McLean employee fitness center and yoga classes
  • Employee discount at McLean’s cafeteria
  • Free parking on campus
  • Seminars, lectures, and conferences offered by the Education and Continuing Education departments
  • Memberships to wholesale clubs like BJs
  • Entertainment discounts (including movie tickets and seasonal tickets)

For more information about volunteer perks, please contact the Human Resources Department at 617.855.3444.