Anxiety and OCD in Kids and Teens Course 2024

Experts in the field share best practices to best support young people who struggle with anxiety

The prevalence of anxiety disorders among young people is growing, and it is disheartening to see many of them struggle well into their adult years without receiving the necessary care.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of understanding, misdiagnosis, or the perception that “kids will be kids,” many children and adolescents display symptoms that go unrecognized.

Parents, educators, coaches, and health care professionals all have equally important roles in helping young people conquer anxiety, OCD, and related disorders.

This course delves into the realities of these conditions in children and teenagers, explores the crucial role that adults play in supporting young individuals, examines effective methods of recognizing and diagnosing various conditions affecting this population, and finally, discusses what effective, modern treatment looks like for those who require it.

Offered by the Education Outreach Department at McLean Hospital. This event took place on March 21, 2024.

Course Agenda

Each session is one hour.