Mclean Hospital
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Information on Advance Directives

Helpful Information for Patients, Families, and Friends

This information is to be given to each patient upon admission in accordance with the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990 (OBRA). This guide is also available in Spanish.

All competent adult patients at McLean Hospital have the constitutional right to make their own informed decisions about whether to accept or refuse medical and psychiatric treatment, except in an emergency or pursuant to a court order. Under Chapter 201D of the Massachusetts General Laws, enacted December 18, 1990, competent adults may execute a health care proxy designating an agent to participate in and make health care decisions for them when they lose their capacity to make such decisions for themselves.

The information in this guide is offered when considering a health care proxy. However, because each person’s situation is different, detailed legal advice from a private attorney may be desirable to tailor the document to one’s individual needs.