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Give the gift of inspiration… to a friend, a loved one, a colleague… or to yourself.

Purchase a copy of the book “Deconstructing Stigma: Changing Attitudes About Mental Health.”

You’ve seen McLean Hospital’s award-winning stigma reduction campaign Deconstructing Stigma in airports, museums, universities, and other venues around the world. Now, you can have your own copy of some of the inspirational stories of people living with mental health conditions.

Struggling with mental health conditions can feel very isolating, but finding people with whom you share experiences can be inspiring. The Deconstructing Stigma: Changing Attitudes About Mental Illness book builds connections through honest storytelling by individuals with lived experience.

“My participation in Deconstructing Stigma has allowed me to fully accept myself, my struggles, my triumphs, however small, without a hint of shame anymore. I’ve strengthened my voice and resolve to help destigmatize. I’m completely open to sharing with others in the hopes that my story can help in any way.” – Jaimie, a Deconstructing Stigma volunteer


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