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Apr 29, 2015

Philanthropy: Funding McLean’s Future

Philanthropy takes many forms, and gifts of all sizes can nurture the full breadth of McLean’s mission. Sometimes, philanthropic giving transcends both time and the need to create something special, having a lasting impact on the hospital, as...

Apr 17, 2015

A TMS Patient Loses Hope Midway Through Her Treatment

My name is Amy Widding, and I have been working as a nurse in the Psychiatric Neurotherapeutic Program (PNP) for almost three years. I work two days a week in the electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) clinic and once a week in the transcranial magnetic...

Mar 6, 2015

McLean Hospital Pays Tribute to Former Chief Shervert Frazier

Shervert H. Frazier, Jr., MD, psychiatrist in chief for McLean Hospital from 1972 to 1989 and a luminary and a force for change in the field of psychiatry, passed away on Tuesday. He was 93. “Dr. Frazier's impact at McLean and across the...

Jan 26, 2015

Elyn Saks: Making Peace with Mental Illness

When Elyn Saks spoke to a standing-room only crowd during a recent event at McLean Hospital, the crowd remained riveted for the full hour as she vividly recounted her unprecedented journey as a person living with schizophrenia. During her talk, Saks...

Jan 26, 2015

All-Access Pass to McLean Hospital via Online Tools

From who has the best cookie recipe to where to get the dog groomed to the annual listing of best hospitals, the Internet is everyone’s go-to resource for information. With this in mind, McLean Hospital has developed a new, user- friendly...