Mclean Hospital

Fitness and Recreation Center

Located in the Recreation Building, the Fitness and Recreation Center is open to all registered inpatient, partial hospital and residential patients. It is also available to students from the Arlington School and Pathways Academy.

McLean fitness center

The Fitness and Recreation Center, established through private donations, features state of the art cardio-pulmonary training equipment - two treadmills, two stationary bicycles, and two elliptical machines. There are weight resistance training machines that address all the major muscle groups- biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back and legs. In addition there are free weights and other minor training equipment. The Center is staffed by a full-time fitness coordinator who is a certified personal trainer.

Since 1990, more than 100 studies have been conducted worldwide that have shown that regular exercise can improve one’s mental health. According to a report cited by President George W. Bush’s Council on Physical Fitness and Exercise, physical activity can significantly reduce anxiety and depression. “We now have evidence to support the claim that exercise is related to positive mental health as indicated by relief in symptoms of depression and anxiety,” writes Daniel M. Landers, a research from Arizona State University in his report “The Influence of Exercise on Mental Health.”