Mclean Hospital

Nov 30, 2015

Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatment Study Results

“Our results represent an important first step toward understanding the course of dependence on opioid pain relievers, and for identifying factors associated with longer-term recovery.” - Dr. Jennifer Potter

Nov 30, 2015

To Text or Not to Text

Mental health practitioners are divided over whether sending text messages with patients is an appropriate tool in the psychotherapy toolkit.

Nov 25, 2015

Beating the Winter Blues

Looking for the cure for seasonal affective disorder? Get outside and enjoy the winter.

Nov 4, 2015

Dr. Brent Forester Discusses Lewy Body Dementia

“Depression is probably the most common psychiatric complication, and it’s most likely directly related to the biological brain changes that occur in patients with the disease.” - Brent P. Forester, MD, MSc