Mclean Hospital

Aug 10, 2015

Recreational Marijuana?

Dr. Kevin Hill discusses Massachusetts’ marijuana legalization ballot measures and the state’s opioid epidemic.

Aug 4, 2015

Lisa Coyne on Childhood OCD

“OCD does not need to get that bad in a kid. There is care, we can do this and as doctors in this field we need to raise more awareness.” -Lisa Coyne, PhD, Child and Adolescent OCD Institute

Jul 31, 2015

Gender Differences in Autism Brain

Nicholas T. Lange, ScD, reacts to new research results that indicate the complex folds in the brain’s outer layer may underlie some of the difficulties boys with autism have in interpreting social cues.

Jul 19, 2015

Therapy or Medication?

Is the field of psychiatry trending towards use of medication over therapy? A study by R. Kathryn McHugh, PhD, provides interesting insight on this question.

Jun 15, 2015

How To Protect Your Employees From Burnout

“A burned-out brain can’t concentrate as easily or separate itself from problems. Because the brain’s emotional center connects to the thinking brain, burnout compromises innovation, risk assessment, and decision-making.” – Dr. Srini Pillay