Mclean Hospital

May 24, 2016

Driving and Marijuana

Drs. Kevin Hill and Marisa Silveri discuss marijuana and driving while impaired.

May 22, 2016

Is Binge Eating a Psychiatric Disorder?

“The landscape has changed from a climate of wondering whether this unusual pattern of eating was a valid mental disorder to a discussion of how to best understand the causes of and develop treatments for this condition.” – Dr. James Hudson

May 18, 2016

Is it Time for the NFL to Reconsider Marijuana?

“Some people say that marijuana is one of the greatest drugs ever and that it’s harmless, and that’s not true. But other people seem to perpetuate the belief that if you use marijuana, you’re doomed. That’s not the truth, either.” – Dr. Kevin Hill

May 14, 2016

Improve Your Relationship with Your Children

“Patterns of conflict are hard to change… As you keep trying, your fights will start to feel more manageable, and your relationships will feel more constructive.” - Daniel L. Shapiro, PhD

Apr 29, 2016

Should the FDA Reclassify Marijuana?

“Moving marijuana to Schedule II ‘to promote research’ is conceivably unethical, as marijuana would then be designated a safe and effective medicine in the absence of high-quality evidence.” – Dr. Bertha Madras

Apr 27, 2016

Keep Learning to Stay Sharp

“New brain cell growth can happen even late into adulthood. The process of learning and acquiring new information and experiences, like through structured classes, can stimulate that process.” – Dr. Ipsit Vahia

Apr 26, 2016

Marijuana Studied to Treat Addictions

“If you are thinking about using cannabis as opposed to using opioids for chronic pain, then I do think the evidence does support it.” – Dr. Kevin Hill