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McLean in the News

Jun 14, 2016

Ole Isacson on Parkinson’s Disease and Meeting Mohammed Ali

“For the millions of people who currently fight valiantly against neurodegenerative diseases, we will continue to fight along side of you in our laboratories until we have the answers we need to develop cures.” – Dr. Ole Isacson

Jun 12, 2016

Long-Term Fitness Goals Require Positive Thinking

“Often runners tell me they believe all the negatives and setbacks because they haven't achieved much. Usually it works the opposite way: you believe first, then you achieve.” – Dr. Jeffrey Brown

Jun 10, 2016

Brain Injury and Parkinson’s

“When the brain gets squished inside the skull it’s actually bruised, you see redness for three days to two weeks afterward.” – Dr. Ole Isacson

Jun 9, 2016

Judy Collins Talks to WBUR’s Here & Now

“I think that’s part of our search for mental health—the ability to stabilize your own sometimes erratic emotions.” – McLean Award winner, Judy Collins

May 25, 2016

Complexity of the Brain

“Once we understand what may be the factors that contribute to these changes, then it may be possible to start understanding how to address them from a therapeutic point of view.” – Dr. Sabina Berretta

May 24, 2016

Driving and Marijuana

Drs. Kevin Hill and Marisa Silveri discuss marijuana and driving while impaired.

May 22, 2016

Is Binge Eating a Psychiatric Disorder?

“The landscape has changed from a climate of wondering whether this unusual pattern of eating was a valid mental disorder to a discussion of how to best understand the causes of and develop treatments for this condition.” – Dr. James Hudson

May 18, 2016

Is it Time for the NFL to Reconsider Marijuana?

“Some people say that marijuana is one of the greatest drugs ever and that it’s harmless, and that’s not true. But other people seem to perpetuate the belief that if you use marijuana, you’re doomed. That’s not the truth, either.” – Dr. Kevin Hill

May 14, 2016

Improve Your Relationship with Your Children

“Patterns of conflict are hard to change… As you keep trying, your fights will start to feel more manageable, and your relationships will feel more constructive.” - Daniel L. Shapiro, PhD