Mclean Hospital

McLean Research Day 2019: Borderline Personality Disorder Posters

A Review of Suicidality in Over-Controlled Populations
1:00-1:50pm, Elliot Grace, Poster 13

Generalist Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder
1:00-1:50pm, Evan Iliakis, Poster 39

Adapting General Psychiatric Management to Adolescents (GPM-A): Preliminary Work
1:50-2:45pm, Gabrielle S. Ilagan, Poster 42

Clinical and Demographic Correlates of Past Month Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in an Acute Psychiatric Sample
1:50-2:45pm, Kirsten Christensen, Poster 50

The Relationship Between Family Medical History and Key Medical Illnesses in Prospectively Followed Borderline Patients
1:00-1:50pm, Katherine Hein, Poster 93

Parameters of Reported Childhood Sexual Abuse in Adolescents and Adults With Borderline Personality Disorder
1:00-1:50pm, Christina Temes, Poster 131