Mclean Hospital

McLean Research Day 2019: Imaging Posters

Preliminary Findings on the Effect of Stress and GABA on Reward Sensitivity
1:50-2:45pm, Amelia Moser, Poster 2

Neural Changes and Recovery After Cannabinoid Exposure
1:00-1:50pm, Arkadiy Maksimovskiy, Poster 5

Circuit Dynamics Underlying Longitudinal Fluctuations in Mood and Cognition in Bipolar Patients
1:50-2:45pm, Crystal Blankenbaker, Poster 8

Anti-Correlated Networks and GABA Concentrations in Healthy Controls and Psychosis Patients
1:50-2:45pm, Elliot Kuan, Poster 14

Whole Brain Cerebral Blood Flow in Adolescents: Implications for Alcohol Use Initiation
1:50-2:45pm, Emily Oot, Poster 16

Effect of Acute Stress on Model-Based Learning in Depression
1:50-2:45pm, Devon Brunner, Poster 24

The Relation Between Mind-Wandering, Brain Functional Connectivity, and Negative Affect in Adolescents: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Study
1:50-2:45pm, Elana Israel, Poster 28

Reduced Stimulus Evaluation of Ambiguous Faces in Aggressive Individuals
1:00-1:50pm, Jennifer Fanning, Poster 33

Probing the Adolescent Prefrontal Cortex and Hippocampus: Functional MRI Activation During Virtual Watermaze Performance and In Vivo Brain GABA
1:50-2:45pm, Jennifer Sneider, Poster 34

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation: Imaging Biomarkers in Geriatric Bipolar Depression
1:50-2:45pm, Hannah Heintz, Poster 46

Novel Targeted Clathrin-Based Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for CNS Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Dopamine Transporters
1:00-1:50pm, Gordana Vitaliano, Poster 49

Sleep Disruption and Psychopathology: Further Evidence for the Maltreated Ecophenotype
1:50-2:45pm, Laura Hernandez Garcia, Poster 54

Neurobiological Underpinnings of the Intersection Between Emotion and Impulse Control in Adolescents
1:00-1:50pm, Julia Cohen-Gilbert, Poster 59

Metabolic Profiling of Mood and Craving Behavior During Initial Phase of Marijuana Abstinence
1:50-2:45pm, Katherine Davis, Poster 70

Comparing Two Methods of Calculating Post-Error Slowing: A Neurobehavioral Investigation
1:00-1:50pm, Micah Breiger, Poster 75

Systemic Low Frequency Oscillations in fNIRS
1:00-1:50pm, Lia Hocke, Poster 81

It All Matters: Improved White Matter Integrity After Three and Six Months of Medical Marijuana Treatment
1:00-1:50pm, M. Kathryn Dahlgren, Poster 85

Neural Correlates of Stress Circuitry in Major Depressive Disorder in Young Adults
1:50-2:45pm, Sarah Perlo, Poster 96

Spiritual Struggles and Depression Predict Neural Activation at Resting State Among Geriatric Mood Disordered Patients
1:00-1:50pm, Sarah Salcone, Poster 97

Alpha-Synuclein and Tau Abnormalities Caused By Lipids in Neurodegenerative Aging
1:00-1:50pm, Oeystein Roed Brekk, Poster 103

Topology of Prefrontal Fibers in the Forceps Minor: Location Matters
1:00-1:50pm, Wei Tang, Poster 109

Deriving Cardiac Waveforms From fMRI Data Using Slice Selective Averaging and a Deep Learning Filter
1:50-2:45pm, Serdar Aslan, Poster 118

Functional Connectivity Changes in Early-Phase Psychosis
1:00-1:50pm, Shi Yu Chan, Poster 119

Development of High Affinity D2 Receptor Agonists as Pet Imaging Agents for Parkinson’s and Schizophrenia: Preclinical Studies
1:50-2:45pm, Sivan Subburaju, Poster 120

Dorsomedial Prefrontal Cortex Volume and Its Relation to Anhedonia and Emotional Numbing in Trauma Exposed Adults
1:00-1:50pm, Tate Overbey, Poster 123

Thalamus Structure and Re-Experiencing Symptoms in PTSD
1:00-1:50pm, Gwenievere Birster, Poster 133