Mclean Hospital

McLean Research Day 2019: Neurology Posters

Columnar Injection for Intracerebral Cell Therapy
1:00-1:50pm, Bin Song, Poster 9

Human Forebrain Endothelial Cells: New Avenues for Interneuron-Based Therapy of Neuropsychiatric Disorders
1:00-1:50pm, Debkanya Datta, Poster 21

Altered Expression of Perineuronal Nets After Chronic Electroconvulsive Stimulation: A Pilot Study
1:50-2:45pm, Jake Valeri, Poster 30

Sleep Disruption and Psychopathology: Further Evidence for the Maltreated Ecophenotype
1:50-2:45pm, Laura Hernandez Garcia, Poster 54

Capturing Longitudinal Fluctuations in Behavior, Mood, and Cognition in Patients With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
1:50-2:45pm, Michaela Ennis, Poster 76

Familial LRRK2 G2019S Parkinson’s Disease Patient Fibroblasts Have Reduced Mitochondrial Clearance
1:50-2:45pm, Ria Thomas, Poster 90

Alpha-Synuclein and Tau Abnormalities Caused By Lipids in Neurodegenerative Aging.
1:00-1:50pm, Oeystein Roed Brekk, Poster 103

A Potential Role of IGF-1 and APOE in Regulating Stress-Induced Autophagy in Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease
1:50-2:45pm, Wang Liao, Poster 108

Topology of Prefrontal Fibers in the Forceps Minor: Location Matters
1:00-1:50pm, Wei Tang, Poster 109

Profiling Bioenergetics in iPSC-Derived Neural Precursor Cells and Astrocytes From Alzheimer’s Disease Patients and Non-Demented Control Individuals
1:50-2:45pm, Wooin Ryu, Poster 110

Mechanistic Insights Into Autocrine and Paracrine Roles of Endothelial MOSP-IR in the Embryonic Forebrain
1:00-1:50pm, Yong Kee Choi, Poster 113

Distinct Functional Roles of SIRT1 and SIRT2 on Metabolic Reprogramming During Human Induced Pluripotency
1:50-2:45pm, Young Cha, Poster 114

Development of High Affinity D2 Receptor Agonists as Pet Imaging Agents for Parkinson’s and Schizophrenia: Preclinical Studies
1:50-2:45pm, Sivan Subburaju, Poster 120

Cerebral Organoids as a New Way to Model ADHD Pathophysiology: A Look At Molecular, Cellular, and Connectivity Deficits
1:50-2:45pm, Claudia Lopes, Poster 134