Bill Carlezon: Winner of the 2016 Anne M. Cataldo Excellence in Mentoring Award

September 10, 2016

Bill Carlezon, PhD, is the winner of this year’s prestigious Anne M. Cataldo Excellence in Mentoring Award. The award was established at McLean to honor Dr. Anne Cataldo’s many achievements and to celebrate her legacy as an exceptional and influential mentor. She was known and loved for her generous spirit and exceptional teaching ability and the award is given annually to someone who emulates those characteristics.

Carlezon is chief of the Phyllis and Jerome Lyle Rappaport Center of Excellence in Basic Neuroscience Research and director of the Behavioral Genetics Laboratory. He is particularly known for his work on the neurobiology of depression and addiction. Along with being an esteemed researcher, Carlezon is recognized as someone who gives relentlessly. Below is just a sampling of the many testimonials to his academic generosity that were submitted on his behalf.

“Bill does an enormous amount of mentoring behind the scenes. He is always, always, advocating for his mentees.”

Bill Carlezon, PhD
Bill Carlezon, PhD

“Bill’s vision and passion for the scientific development of others, and the tireless energy he devotes to guiding and opening doors for them, lies at the heart of his truly effective mentorship. I have certainly enjoyed more success, and emerged from the challenges of graduate and post-doctoral training with more insight, growth, and opportunity because of the exceptional mentorship I received from Bill. I sincerely desire to emulate Bill as a scientist and mentor.”

“I can honestly say that Bill never made a decision that was not in my best interest. He always kept my fledgling but budding career in mind.”

“Bill is an outstanding role model who exhibits the curiosity, intellect, and tireless work ethic required for a successful scientific career. He is also an exceptional mentor who has a natural ability to see opportunity in the midst of challenge, which extends beyond the bench to the varied personal and scientific needs of his trainees and colleagues.”

Carlezon will be formally recognized as the 2016 Anne M. Cataldo Excellence in Mentoring Award recipient at a reception in Pierce Hall on November 30, 2016 from 10 to 11:30am.

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