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October 31, 2018

Election Day, November 6, is less than a week away, and citizens across the United States will exercise their constitutional right to vote for their local, state, and federal political representatives in the mid-term elections, while also casting ballots for local and state ballot questions.

Among the most heated ballot questions in Massachusetts are:

  • Question 1, which proposes to limit how many patients can be assigned to each registered nurse in Massachusetts hospitals
  • Question 3, which proposes to abolish the state law that bans discrimination against transgender people in places of public accommodation, including restaurants, hospitals, and restrooms

In addition to the ballot questions, voters will also be asked to choose a candidate for governor, senator, and attorney general. For detailed information about this year’s election and all of the important ballot initiatives, please visit the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s website.

Beat the Rush—Vote Now

If you will not be in town on November 6 or will be unable to get to the polls, we encourage you to vote early or by absentee ballot. Early voting is now available in Massachusetts and will continue through November 2. For more information about early voting, visit

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Exercise your constitutional right to vote on Tuesday, November 6

As citizens of this country, as residents of our local communities, and as members of the health care profession, we have the right—and the responsibility—to make sure our voices are heard.

Where Can I Learn More?

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