Mclean Hospital

Inspiring Hope Through Research

April 20, 2014

As a trained certified public accountant (CPA), Raquel Espinosa followed a unique path to McLean, where she oversees the hospital’s Research Administration Department. However, the detail-oriented work involved in becoming a CPA turns out to have been a perfect training ground for Espinosa, who uses her love of numbers and details each day to provide infrastructural support for the hospital’s 66 laboratories and 388 research scientists and staff.

Raquel Espinosa
Raquel Espinosa, director, McLean Hospital Research Administration Department

Although she lived in the United States for the first 10 years of her life, Espinosa spent the next 17 years living in Uruguay, a small South American country located between Brazil and Argentina. After becoming a CPA, she moved back to America the week following graduation and quickly found her calling while working at Tufts Medical Center.

“From Tufts, I moved to Massachusetts General Hospital, where I was given opportunities to learn and grow. I was able to hone my skills and better understand the needs of researchers and how to help them,” she said. “I discovered a passion for research and the hope that it inspires.”

Espinosa joined the McLean team in 2009 as a per diem employee and quickly became an invaluable resource to the research community. In 2011, she was promoted to director of Research Administration—a position she takes great pride in holding.

“McLean has outstanding researchers and there are so many opportunities to make a difference by simplifying the administrative burden on scientists,” said Espinosa. “I am passionate about what I do because I believe in McLean’s mission. While there are some challenges that are harder than others, we work as a team to overcome obstacles, knowing that our results will directly impact our research community.”