Kindred Spirits: Van Otterloos Endow Presidency at McLean

June 23, 2014

McLean President and Psychiatrist in Chief Scott L. Rauch, MD, recently accepted one of the highest honors in academic medicine: an endowed chair. Thanks to a $5M gift from its namesakes, Dr. Rauch has been appointed to the Rose-Marie and Eijk van Otterloo Chair of Psychiatry at McLean Hospital.

The endowment will support Dr. Rauch and his successors in their leadership of McLean. An intimate group of trustees, hospital leaders, donors and members of the van Otterloo family gathered at the Belmont Country Club one evening in March to celebrate.

“We are honored to make this gift,” Rose-Marie said. “Scott is so deserving of this recognition, as his leadership has put McLean on a new playing field.”

Dr. Rauch spoke at the event about the deep connection he shares with the van Otterloos—and with other attendees and members of the McLean community. “We are kindred in our dedication to this field, in part based on first-hand experiences, and in knowing that there is nothing more painful or frightening than witnessing someone you love lose themselves, and, conversely, nothing more joyous than when they are found,” he said.

“The van Otterloo Chair is important for McLean in many ways,” Dr. Rauch noted, “including the fact that having prominent donors like Rose-Marie and Eijk associated with mental health raises consciousness and reduces stigma.”

The van Otterloos have been strong supporters of McLean for many years. Rose-Marie has been open about her own struggles with depression and a family member’s treatment at McLean. She served as hospital trustee from 2001 to 2005 and is chair of the McLean National Council, a group of donors who act as mental health ambassadors in their communities and worldwide.

Eijk and Rose-Marie van Otterloo
Eijk and Rose-Marie van Otterloo

The newly endowed Rose-Marie and Eijk van Otterloo Chair of Psychiatry at McLean Hospital will support the executive leadership position of McLean in perpetuity. McLean has benefitted from strong leadership for more than 200 years, and this gift honors Dr. Rauch and will support future leaders for generations to come.

McLean has a rich history of exceptional leadership, and Dr. Rauch paid tribute to the tremendous legacy that he, and future occupants of the van Otterloo Chair, are fortunate to build upon. Two former heads of McLean, Francis de Marneffe, MD, and Steven Mirin, MD, attended the celebration.

Since Rauch assumed the presidency of McLean in 2006, he has implemented an ambitious strategic plan. It has expanded the clinical and geographical reach of McLean’s programs; integrated its clinical, research and educational enterprises; attracted world class researchers and clinicians; shored up its financial foundation; and distinguished McLean as the number one hospital for psychiatry in the country.

The impact of the van Otterloos’ gift and Rauch’s leadership on McLean was summed up by Partners HealthCare President and CEO Gary Gottlieb, MD, who said, “They are creating a profound legacy with this gift by endowing its presidency and giving its talented leader, Scott Rauch, a platform on which to strengthen McLean and lead the field.”

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