Linking Lives, Improving Care: Online Tools Provide Added Efficiencies, Enhanced Quality

May 12, 2010

With the introduction of new technology, McLean is advancing communication, increasing efficiency and uniting clinical, research, and academic staff and faculty in their collective quest to improve the lives of patients and their families.

In September 2009, the hospital greatly advanced its electronic medical record-keeping capability with the implementation of a computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system and an electronic medication administration record (eMAR) on its inpatient units and Electroconvulsive Therapy Service. The CPOE system, enabling physicians to electronically enter medication prescriptions and other physician orders, and eMAR, an online “file” for tracking the administration of medications, are reducing the chances for medication errors associated with manually processing orders and administration records.

McLean technology
Those making technological advances possible include Alisa Busch, MD, MS, Jennifer Gundy, and Mark Fansel

“The hospital generates thousands of medication orders each year so these tools greatly enhance the quality of the medication management process for our patients,” says Michele Gougeon, MSS, MSc, executive vice president and chief operating officer for McLean.

In 2009, the hospital also launched another time-saving resource. HealthStream, an internet-based learning management system, offers employees the convenience of completing annual training online, rather than attending sessions in person. With the click of a mouse, employees can brush up on patient privacy, infection control, fire and laboratory safety, as well as other important information they need to do their jobs, while assuring the accurate and efficient employee compliance documentation McLean needs for regulatory and accrediting agencies, such as The Joint Commission.

Another technological advancement, an integrated McLean intranet site, launched in June 2010. Designed to better connect the McLean community by fostering additional communication and collaboration, the new site, with more than 500 pages of information, is a “one-stop shop for employees to access internal and external resources important to the McLean community,” says Nancy Hoines, MPH, director of Business Development and Marketing. “It’s an exciting project bridging all hospital departments and campuses.”

These infrastructure enhancements are being spearheaded by Andrew Laband, MBA, McLean’s chief information officer, who brings extensive management and technical experience to this newly created position. “My goal is to bring McLean to the next level, where information technology is a strategic asset used to improve patient care, research, training, and operations,” he says.

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