McLean Establishes Fund to Support Critical Operations During COVID-19

April 16, 2020

As words of gratitude and encouragement flood into McLean from across the country, many have asked how they might help the hospital weather this challenging time. In response, McLean has launched a new philanthropic effort to buoy the extraordinary work of the clinical and frontline staff. The COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund will help McLean meet the many new financial demands of this unprecedented crisis while we continue to provide world-class care to those who turn to McLean for help and hope each day.

Support McLean During the Coronavirus Crisis

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Under the leadership of President and Psychiatrist in Chief Scott L. Rauch, MD, McLean’s staff has responded with courage, grace, and flexibility—nimbly pivoting to adapt procedures and systems in real time to ensure the safety of patients and workforce alike. “Together—like the staff who kept the hospital doors open during times of prior wars and pandemics—we will continue to honor our mission,” said Rauch.

“Our clinical teams have risen to this occasion with immense strength, said Paula Bolton, MS, CNP, ANP-BC, co-leader of McLean Incident Command and manager of Infection Control. “Our caregivers have shown grace under unprecedented pressure, thoughtfully adjusting to reassignments and new safety protocols without sacrificing quality of care. Their efforts have made us profoundly safer and are fueling our mission for those in need during this challenging time.”

In many cases, clinical and frontline staff have made significant sacrifices and endured substantial stress during this crisis. The COVID-19 Fund will help the hospital provide increased support for staff, including coverage for sick or quarantined colleagues, increased sick-time allowances, and respite housing for staff who cannot return home because of elderly or immune-compromised loved ones or for those who are generously working longer or consecutive shifts with little reprieve.

Teen boy talks to McLean staff
McLean’s COVID-19 Fund will support critical operations during the crisis

Meals and care packages will be delivered safely across McLean’s Belmont campus and satellite locations. The hospital also has significantly increased quantities of personal protective equipment (PPE) so that all staff on site are outfitted appropriately. We have also invested in increased cleaning and sanitation across the full span of our operations.

The fund also will help defray the costs of implementing technology adaptations on a broad and accelerated scale to support a rapid transition to virtual care when possible and to create a solid infrastructure for staff now working remotely. The hospital launched telehealth systems for outpatient clinics, partial hospital programs, community-based programs and schools, and in residential settings, where possible.

McLean is also gearing up to meet the inevitable surge in need for mental and behavioral health services as the isolation, depression, anxiety, grief, and loss of this crisis are likely to take a profound toll on our greater community. The hospital is deftly responding to current needs while preparing to meet the increased demand for services as it emerges.

The COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund will help McLean remain a strong and available resource without compromising quality for those who turn to the hospital when they are most in need.

Please consider supporting the lifesaving efforts of McLean’s frontline staff by making a gift to the fund today.

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