New Survey Will Guide OCD Research and Care

November 4, 2014

In the OCD Institute Office of Clinical Assessment and Research, we have implemented several new data collection initiatives this year, including efforts to collect information from the family members of patients.

Earlier this year, we began contacting family members by email with a link to an online survey. The family member to whom the email is sent is designated by the patient when they discharge from the program. The goal is to get a clear picture of the experience of the family members while they support a patient admitted to the program. The survey asks the family member to rate the following:

  • From their perspective, the amount of change they have seen in the patient
  • The quality of information provided to help understand the diagnosis of OCD, and how to support the patient
  • The quality of their interactions with the family therapist at the OCDI
  • How much they changed their own behavior as a result of the information they received about OCD
  • The quality of the overall experience with the OCDI

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The information will be used to guide clinical work with patients and family members, improve the education provided to family members, and work to continually improve the residential treatment experience for patients and family members.

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