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February 15, 2015

In this issue, learn more about news in clinical care, research, training, and education from around the hospital.

Perspectives Cover Winter 2015

Specialty Residential Programs Serve as a National Resource for Patients and Clinicians
Each year, McLean Hospital serves more than 950 patients in its specialty psychiatric and substance abuse residential treatment programs. Of those patients, 70% travel from outside of Massachusetts to come to McLean, with many coming from outside of the United States.

Expanding Services Beyond Massachusetts: McLean Launches Substance Addiction Program in Maine
Borden Cottage, scheduled to open in early 2015 in Camden, Maine, is the hospital’s newest residential treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction and the first McLean program to open outside of Massachusetts.

Xenon Exposure Shown to Block Traumatic Memories: Potential New Treatment for People with PTSD
In a study published earlier this year, McLean Hospital researchers found that xenon gas, used in humans for anesthesia and diagnostic imaging, has the potential to be a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other memory-related disorders.

LEADER Program: Helping First Responders and Military from Across the U.S.
First responders are always quick to assist others, but are among the last to seek help themselves. In 2014, McLean Hospital launched a program with the goal of changing that trend.

Elyn Saks: Making Peace with Mental Illness
When Elyn Saks spoke to a standing-room only crowd during a recent event at McLean Hospital, the crowd remained riveted for the full hour as she vividly recounted her unprecedented journey as a person living with schizophrenia.

All-Access Pass to McLean Hospital via Online Tools
McLean Hospital has developed a new, user-friendly website that helps referring clinicians, as well as patients and families, quickly find all of the information they need.

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