In the Seat of Learning

April 26, 2016

With multiple programs falling under the Division of Women’s Mental Health (DWMH)—each with varying areas of expertise from borderline personality disorder to trauma to eating disorders and more—Shelly F. Greenfield, MD, MPH, McLean’s chief academic officer and chief of the DWMH, saw a need for better opportunities for shared learning and interaction among clinicians and researchers from the different programs within the division.

She, along with Amy Gagliardi, MD, clinical director of the DWMH, and Caroline Rotondi, assistant director of the Office of the Chief Academic Officer, developed and launched a unique Lunch and Learn series aimed at fueling collaboration and better understanding of one another’s work.

Lunch and Learn

“The purpose of the series is to provide clinicians with the opportunity to learn from speaker-experts from across the hospital about the latest research on mental health pertaining to women and girls through the life span, as well as to discuss a range of evidence-based treatments available for patients,” said Greenfield. “The series is in direct response to clinicians from across the division who expressed interest in learning more about the work of their colleagues and about what is going on in each program,” said Greenfield.

Since launching in the fall of 2015, the series has become a thriving source for engagement and collaboration. Among the topics discussed so far are addiction, eating disorders, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder in both adults and adolescents. Additional events in the DWMH’s Lunch and Learn series are scheduled throughout the coming year.

A $500,000 anonymous gift helped launch the DWMH and an array of clinical, educational, research, and community-based activities like the luncheon series.

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