Voting on Massachusetts Ballot Question 3

McLean’s leadership responds to a ballot initiative in Massachusetts regarding transgender rights

October 25, 2018

We strive to ensure that McLean Hospital is a diverse and inclusive environment, where everyone feels safe, respected, and free to be themselves without judgment or prejudice, and we firmly stand in support of our friends, colleagues, and patients who are transgender. This is why we are concerned about ballot Question 3, which, if defeated, could abolish the state law that bans discrimination against transgender people in places of public accommodation, including restaurants, hospitals, and restrooms.

It is important to note that the wording of the referendum is confusing. A “yes” vote would keep the current law prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity in place. A “no” vote would repeal the current law prohibiting discrimination.

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Vote Yes on 3 to uphold basic protections for our transgender neighbors, families, and friends in Massachusetts

If voters do not uphold this law, all transgender individuals in Massachusetts will be affected. As an organization that is dedicated to caring for the most vulnerable individuals in our community, the potential for the revocation of transgender rights is distressing because of the severe health (including mental health) disparities already faced by this population due to stigma, discrimination, and violence.

A YES on Question 3 will uphold the current law that protects transgender individuals from discrimination.

  • The original law added gender identity to the list of identities—such as race, religion, and disability—already protected from discrimination in public places
  • This type of law is common, with 18 states, Washington, DC, and more than 200 cities and towns having passed similar laws
  • This law does not weaken or affect existing laws against illegal behavior, such as assault and harassment
  • Protecting transgender individuals from discrimination is supported by over 250 organizations around the country, such as the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, National Center for Victims of Crime, and National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

A NO on Question 3 would repeal the law and threaten the safety and dignity of our transgender colleagues and patients.

McLean Hospital is joining with Partners HealthCare and hundreds of other health care organizations, businesses, and faith as well as government leaders in supporting the Freedom for All Massachusetts “Yes on 3” position opposing the repeal.

  • Courtney Beard, PhD, Director, Cognition and Affect Research and Education Laboratory; Co-Chair, Pride at McLean LGTBQ & Allies Employee Resource Group
  • Kristin Beville, MSW, LICSW, MPH, Director, Department of Social Work
  • Paul A. Brouillette, Secretary, Pride at McLean LGTBQ & Allies Employee Resource Group
  • Bill Carlezon, PhD, Chief, Jerry and Phyllis Rappaport Center of Excellence in Basic Neuroscience Research
  • Lori Etringer, MBA, Vice President and Chief Development Officer
  • Linda M. Flaherty, RN, PMHCNS-BC, Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services
  • Brent P. Forester, MD, MSc, Chief, Division of Geriatric Psychiatry
  • Catharyn Gildesgame, MBA, Vice President, Strategic Planning & Implementation; Facilitator, Dimensions of Diversity Committee; Co-Chair, MCDI LGBTQ Institutional Self-Assessment Working Group
  • Joseph Gold, MD, Chief Medical Officer
  • Michele L. Gougeon, MSS, MSc, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Shelly F. Greenfield, MD, MPH, Chief Academic Officer; Co-Chair, McLean Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (MCDI)
  • David A. Lagasse, MA, MHSA, Chief Financial Officer
  • Michael B. Leslie, MD, Medical Director, Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Inpatient Program; Director, McLean Hospital Initiative for LGBTQ Mental Health
  • Philip G. Levendusky, PhD, ABPP, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Communications
  • Cass Mercer, Co-Chair, Pride at McLean LGTBQ & Allies Employee Resource Group
  • Dost Öngür, MD, PhD, Chief, Division of Psychotic Disorders
  • Stephanie Pinder-Amaker, PhD, Director, College Mental Health Program; Co-Chair, McLean Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (MCDI)
  • Lisa D. Pratt, MBA, Vice President, Human Resources; Co-Chair, MCDI LGBTQ Institutional Self-Assessment Working Group
  • Scott L. Rauch, MD, President and Psychiatrist in Chief
  • Kerry J. Ressler, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Marisa M. Silveri, PhD, Director, Neurodevelopmental Laboratory on Addictions and Mental Health; Co-Chair, MCDI LGBTQ Institutional Self-Assessment Working Group
  • Lauren Wadsworth, PhD, Education Coordinator, Pride at McLean LGTBQ & Allies Employee Resource Group
  • Roger D. Weiss, MD, Chief, Division of Alcohol, Drugs, and Addiction

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